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  • Colmar

    The Colmar was founded in Monza in 1923 by Mario Colombo. It seems that the name (the first three letters of the last name, followed by the first three letters of the name of its founder) was chosen through a poll done between friends in a pastry of Monza.

    In the first decades the company produces hats and leggings in wool felt, and later dedicated to the production of working clothes. Immediately after the war, with the resumption and development of the sport, he began specializing in sports, with particular attention to the slopes. The brothers Giancarlo and Angelo, the founder's sons, they sense the opportunity for development of this new sector.

    Working in close collaboration with the Italian Winter Sports Federation, Colmar buy early reputation as a manufacturer of clothing and highly skilled technicians. In the Olympic Games of 1952, the company has for the first time the task of dressing the Italian ski team and, along with Zeno Colo, made the first aerodynamic windbreaker (called sheath Colo). Over the next four decades Colmar has dressed the national teams of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and other disciplines such as the bob and luge.

    In the seventies, those of blue avalanche, Colmar realizes different seals race that made skiing history and who have worn the Italian champions at the Olympics in Sapporo, Innsbruck and the World Championships in St. Moritz.

    Today Colmar has diversified its production and, in addition to clothing technician, also produces fashion items.

    In 2009 comes the Colmar Originals line, aimed at a young audience.

  • Patrizia Pepe

    The Patrizia Pepe brand was founded in Florence in 1993.

    The protagonists are a couple of entrepreneurs: Patrizia Bambi, the creative spirit and style and Claudio Orrea, responsible for management and administration.

    The Patrizia Pepe brand evolved from another of their creations textile, Tessilform manufacturing company. The label is based on a particular philosophy of success. Patrizia Bambi pays great attention to the world of fashion and the market in which he has his man and his ideal woman.
    Her collections manifest a well groomed appearance and minimal combined with a passion for detail. Her clothing style is based on harmony, softness and character. Practical and original for every moment of the day, while also being unfailingly elegant and modern for any time of the night.

  • Roy Roger's

    Roy Roger's is a fashion brand of the Italian group Sevenbell, produced by Florentine Manifatture 7 Bell SpA, a pioneer in the production of denim from 1952 to present. As Roy Roger's has always been associated with the jeans, and the product is visibly recognizable by adroitness technical and stylistic become over time trademark: the zip on the back pockets, to keep safe your wallet, a small front pocket for coins, and "logo "of Roy Roger's, a black triangle sewn on back pocket. The evolution of Roy Roger's see today an expansion of the offer, with a proposed total look man, woman and child in which historical and contemporary trends coexist perfectly. Roy Roger's is internationally authorized dealers.

  • Tuwe

    Great attention to details, glamorous look and 100% Made in Italy production are the keywords that always characterize Tuwe. Style, high quality and fabrics and materials research that create collections, are elements that contributed to enter into the International market with great results. The woman who chooses Tuwe is demanding and loving the exclusivity stated through the sober and fresh clothes’ line.

    High quality and steady research work are the basis of our corporate philosophy. Tuwe headquarters host design and development departments that ensure the collections to be created from entirely designed and produced in Italy garments.

    “Be mistaken is a luxury we don’t grant ourselves.” – this is our corporate mission, our mantra, used in each working departments level.

  • Kangra


    A life for cashmere.

    The year was 1967 when it was founded in Reggio Emilia Hadam's, a company that has made quality cashmere its vocation. After years dedicated to the manufacturing of fine yarns, in fact, since 2000 Hadam's focuses its attention on the noble fiber par excellence, building on this yarn unique identity strong, competitive and strictly linked to the product.

    The deep knowledge of the raw material, the direct relationship with the producer countries and the constant attention to quality in every phase now allow Hadam's to present itself as a serious company, able to listen, understand and satisfy the final demand thanks to its own brand clothing for men, women and children: Kangra.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 84 items