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  • Colmar

    The Colmar was founded in Monza in 1923 by Mario Colombo. It seems that the name (the first three letters of the last name, followed by the first three letters of the name of its founder) was chosen through a poll done between friends in a pastry of Monza.

    In the first decades the company produces hats and leggings in wool felt, and later dedicated to the production of working clothes. Immediately after the war, with the resumption and development of the sport, he began specializing in sports, with particular attention to the slopes. The brothers Giancarlo and Angelo, the founder's sons, they sense the opportunity for development of this new sector.

    Working in close collaboration with the Italian Winter Sports Federation, Colmar buy early reputation as a manufacturer of clothing and highly skilled technicians. In the Olympic Games of 1952, the company has for the first time the task of dressing the Italian ski team and, along with Zeno Colo, made the first aerodynamic windbreaker (called sheath Colo). Over the next four decades Colmar has dressed the national teams of alpine skiing, Nordic skiing and other disciplines such as the bob and luge.

    In the seventies, those of blue avalanche, Colmar realizes different seals race that made skiing history and who have worn the Italian champions at the Olympics in Sapporo, Innsbruck and the World Championships in St. Moritz.

    Today Colmar has diversified its production and, in addition to clothing technician, also produces fashion items.

    In 2009 comes the Colmar Originals line, aimed at a young audience.

  • Fred Perry

    A historic brand that was born in the 40s in Stockport idea of Tibby Wegner and Fred Perry, tennis player several times winner of Wimbledon, who decide to create a line of sportswear. In 1952 he launched what became of symbol of the famous British clothing: cotton pique polo shirt from a slim fit with a laurel wreath embroidered on the chest. Sporty and refined. In the '60s Fred Perry become one of the best brands of clothing for tennis and soon became a symbol of style and elegance for a stylish and sporty casual impeccable and sees consolidate its successful line gaining popularity among English boys. The collections feature casual garments, including sweaters, jackets and shirts.


    The history of Lacoste is that of a tennis legend whose inventions changed the world and revolutionized the sports industry forever. Inspired by his nickname "alligator", given to him by a journalist who discovered a bet written on his suitcase alligator LACOSTE ROBERT GEORGE asks his friend to draw a crocodile. It was 1926 and the famous logo makes its debut on the jacket of RENÉ, then inspired by the polo players Londoners, RENÉ LACOSTE adopts short-sleeved shirt that ensures more freedom of movement, creating the concept of functional elegance. The coast is now the icon of the polo!

  • LICA1

    As in all stories, stories or stories that respect each other, the first thing the author does is give him a title.
    Whether it is a short sentence, a name, a common word or a fantasy one, the aim is to enclose all its essence, a few simple words that catapult the reader into the reality that the author has reserved for him.
    Surely you're wondering, but all of this, what does it have to do with a BRAND?
    A brand does not tell stories, does not talk about stories, a brand when it talks about itself, describes its qualities, its characteristics or at most the price of the product it represents.
    Well, if you think that in these few lines that follow, we will bore you with the detailed description of our product, then know that you are on the wrong page.
    But if you want to know the story of how three guys have tried to make a change in their lives, telling each other through the creation of the first and brand new C-SHIRT, then welcome in this NEW ERA, the era of LicaONE.
    Around, they often asked us:
    - LICA1 is a set of letters taken from your names, Luca, Salvatore and Umberto?
    - Number 1 is because you were the first?
    - What does LicaOne come from?
    To fully understand its meaning, it is necessary to jump into the history of this magnificent animal, because if you do not know it, LicaOne is an animal.
    This beautiful creature, finds its origins in East Africa, its name refers to the mythological King Lykaon son of Pelasgo and ruler of Arcadia, which Zeus turned into a ferocious wolf because of his impiety.

    His is a gregarious species, which hunts in a pack and in which COOPERATION and ALTRUISM reach remarkable levels compared to the vast majority of other social mammals.
    It is therefore clear, the reason why this beautiful creature differs from the others of its kind, for its ability to hunt in a pack, for the total dedication to achieving the objective (the meal) exclusively thanks to mutual help.
    That's why the African wild dog fully reflects our mission, that is, to realize our dream, making a pact that would have united us forever along the path of this new adventure.
    When it all started, we were three young guys who, despite our humble work, despite our life did not miss us, we were swallowed by the routine of everyday life, from the repetition of entire evenings locked up in our den (a basement where we spent time with the rest of the herd playing the game, listening to music, drinking a beer).

    Suddenly we felt an unstoppable need, to use our precious time trying to achieve something that would one day make us talk about us.
    It was time to leave the den and the pack with which we had shared so many unforgettable moments - it was time to hunt for our dream like real Licaoni.
    The time had come to give life to a new era so the history of the # LICA1 brand began.

  • Patrizia Pepe

    The Patrizia Pepe brand was founded in Florence in 1993.

    The protagonists are a couple of entrepreneurs: Patrizia Bambi, the creative spirit and style and Claudio Orrea, responsible for management and administration.

    The Patrizia Pepe brand evolved from another of their creations textile, Tessilform manufacturing company. The label is based on a particular philosophy of success. Patrizia Bambi pays great attention to the world of fashion and the market in which he has his man and his ideal woman.
    Her collections manifest a well groomed appearance and minimal combined with a passion for detail. Her clothing style is based on harmony, softness and character. Practical and original for every moment of the day, while also being unfailingly elegant and modern for any time of the night.

  • Roy Roger's

    Roy Roger's is a fashion brand of the Italian group Sevenbell, produced by Florentine Manifatture 7 Bell SpA, a pioneer in the production of denim from 1952 to present. As Roy Roger's has always been associated with the jeans, and the product is visibly recognizable by adroitness technical and stylistic become over time trademark: the zip on the back pockets, to keep safe your wallet, a small front pocket for coins, and "logo "of Roy Roger's, a black triangle sewn on back pocket. The evolution of Roy Roger's see today an expansion of the offer, with a proposed total look man, woman and child in which historical and contemporary trends coexist perfectly. Roy Roger's is internationally authorized dealers.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 88 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 88 items